Correct Nozzle Position
Tapping fluid makes contact with tip of tap

Incorrect Nozzle Position
Tapping fluid misses tap completely


Drawings for NCT3

Drawings for NCT3.5

CNC vs Offline Tapping – see how much money you could be saving

Pitch Insert Measurement – for flat material and extrusions

Pre-Hole Charts – select the appropriate measurement system

Tap Factors – explanation of tap factors

Tap Size List – a complete list of all taps available (call if your tap is not on the list)

NCT3 Keyway Timing – drawings of correct keyway timing

Roller Screw Overload Proctection – built into the roller nut housing on newest generation NCT3

Oring Replacement Figures – view these step-by-step images

What Screw Would You Use? – in your NCT3 and NCT3.5


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