Revolutionize your tapping with the NCT3 Turret Tapping Tool by d/k technologies. Fits any machine that utilizes Amada thick style tooling.

Click on your brand of machine to see if we fit. Please Note: Not all machines are necessarily listed. If you don’t see your machine, please contact us. We may need additional information.


ARIES 2XX (Mechanical)

APELIO III 2510 Extra wide turret (Hydraulic)

APELIO 3XX (Hydraulic)

COMA 5XX Standard (Mechanical)

COMA 5XX Extra Wide Turret (Mechanical)

OCTO (Mechanical)

PEGA 2XX (Mechanical)

PEGA 3XX (Mechanical)

PEGA 3XX S (Mechanical)

PEGA 3XX Queen (Mechanical)

PEGA 3XX King (Mechanical)

VELA 3XX (Mechanical)

VIPROS 2XX (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 2XX With Hydraulic Form Up Ram (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 3XX (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 3XX With Hydraulic Form up Ram (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 3XX King (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 3XX QUEEN (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 5XX Extra Wide Turret (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 2510 (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 3510NT (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 3510NTZ (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 3610NT (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 3610NTZ (Hydraulic)

VIPROS 568 (Hydraulic)

EM2510 (Servo Mechanical) (Set-up like a 3xx)

EM3510 (Servo Mechanical) (Set-up like a 3xx)

EMLK3510 (Servo Mechanical) (Set-up like a 3xx)

AC255 (Servo Mechanical) (Set-up like a 3xx)

AC2510NT (Servo Mechanical) (Set-up like a 3xx)

Automatic Tool Changer (Extra Wide Turret) (Hydraulic)


Finn Power Models

20 STATIONS (Hydraulic)

21 STATIONS (Hydraulic)

Murata Weidemann

Murata Weidemann

Wiedemann Motorum 20XX (Servo Mechanical)

Wiedemann Motorum 2548 (Servo Mechanical) .200 Wider Gap

Wiedemann Vectrum 20XX (Hydraulic)




HIQ-1250 (Hydraulic)

HTP-1000 (Hydraulic)



Global (Hydraulic)

HY (Hydraulic)

ME (Mechanical)




Key Benefits

  • Never miss another hole. Just program the NCT3 to tap every hole you just pre-punched.
  • Reduce your cost per hole to below $.01 each.
  • Tap up to 180 holes a minute. (Depending on ram speed)
  • Pitch Insert change in minutes.
  • Roll Form Taps.
  • No minimum distance between tapped holes.

Pitch Sizes

  • Standard: 56, 48, 40, 36, 32, 28, and 24
  • Metric: .40M, .45M, .50M .60M, .70M, and .80M


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NCT3 in an Amada 2xx Series

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